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Terms & Conditions of Membership

Membership and Termination.

Membership is free of charge to any UK based school, college or university. Membership is continuous, and will automatically renew on 1st January each year, unless terminated in writing by either party.

Membership can be terminated by either party without notice. In the unlikely event you wish to terminate your membership, then you may do so by sending your request by e-mail to Termination will be effective immediately, upon receipt of such e-mail. In the event of membership termination, a member may only re-apply after a period of no less than twelve months. The decision whether or not to renew membership will be considered by the directors of the Confederation of British Schools and Colleges Ltd, who, at their sole discretion, reserve the right to refuse membership for any reason.

Business with Third Parties.

Please note that any business or agreement you may enter into with third party suppliers, consultants or organisations, and regardless of whether or not the supplier is either introduced by, and / or enjoys preferred supplier status with, the Confederation of British Schools and Colleges, is outside of, and is entirely separate to, any agreement between an individual school, college or university, and the Confederation of British Schools and Colleges. Although our preferred suppliers are carefully selected on the basis of their success history, and their professionalism, you should conduct your own due diligence process, and familiarise yourself with any terms of business before instructing any third party.


Members agree that in the event the Confederation of British Schools and Colleges discloses information of a confidential nature to a member, as it may do from time to time, that the member will be bound by a strict duty of confidentiality, and agrees not to disclose the confidential information obtained, unless required to do so by law. The list of potential confidential information includes, but not exclusively, the following subject matter : operating methods; research and development material; information relating educational trends and management practices; financial information, including special pricing arrangements; and intellectual property or information relating to other trade secrets such as management / business models and pricing structures. The member's duty of confidentiality will not apply to matters already considered to be in the public domain.

Code of Conduct.

Members agree to act legally, respectfully and honourably in all their dealings with the Confederation of British Schools and Colleges and in any dealings with other member schools or colleges. It is a condition of membership that members in no way behave in a manner contrary to either civil or criminal law, and that all members comply with good moral practices as should be reasonably expected of teaching or other professional / management staff within the educational sector.

Equality and Diversity.

Members agree to the principles of equal opportunities and fair play for all. In particular, and as a basic minimum, members agree to operate within the law on these matters, and in line with the Equality Act 2010 and any subsequent and related acts of Parliament. Members agree not to discriminate in any way whatsoever on the grounds of age, disability, gender, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy or maternity / paternity, race ( including colour, nationality and ethnic or national origin, religion or beliefs, or sexual orientation ).

Compliments / Complaints.

If you would like to compliment us on any aspect of our service to you, or on the other hand you feel we could in any way improve the way we operate, please feel free to call our member services team on 01423 561083 or to e-mail us at We aim to confirm receipt of your e-mail within twenty four hours. A full copy of our complaints procedure is available on request.

Data Protection.

All data is securely held by the Confederation of British Schools and Colleges, in line with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998 and will be treated with confidentiality, and the greatest care and respect.


The Confederation of British Schools and Colleges is keen to strike a reasonable balance between your privacy, and ensuring that you obtain maximum value from the services it provides, and in full compliance with the Data Protection Act 1988. We will never send you spam e-mails, and under no circumstances will any information be passed to a third party without your express written permission.

We believe that there may be occasions when you might like to hear from us regarding either a news item, or a new professional service, in which case we should like to have your permission to e-mail you with details. We are mindful and respectful of the fact that some members may like to receive such communications, and others may not. Your decision to opt in or opt out of these communications will not affect your membership of the Confederation. Please advise us of your mailing preferences by clicking on either the Opt In or Opt Out buttons below.

I hereby apply for membership to the Confederation of Schools and Colleges and can confirm my agreement to the terms and conditions of membership above.

Confederation of British Schools and Colleges is a trading name of Confederation of British Schools and Colleges Ltd; registered in England and Wales at Companies House under company registration number 10805296.

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